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TH Bosae (Managing Director)

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JE Bosae (Quality Management)

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Raw / Feed Water – Make-up Water & Waste Water    

Coagulants & Flocculants for liquid-solid separation.

Specialized products for trace metal and organic removal.

Disinfection products.    

Boiler Water – Internal Treatments

Oxygen Scavengers

 Scale & Corrosion Inhibitors – Solubilizing & Non-Solubilizing Programmes

Post Boiler/Condensate Line Treatments

Cooling Water Treatments – Open & Closed Circuits

Scale & Corrosion Inhibitors for lean water, medium water & hard water.

 Biocides for microbiological proliferation.

Bio-Dispersants for removal of biofilm and dispersion of organic contaminants.

Speciality Dispersants & CIP Products  

Polymeric dispersants and organic/inorganic speciality blends as process additives;

Removal of deposition due to corrosion product and/or precipitated hardness or silica based compounds.

Water Testing Laboratories       

Organic, Inorganic and Microbiological Analysis of Water, Wastewater, Soils, Sediments, Solid Waste and Other Matrices.

Specialised Analyses Including Blue Drop, Green Drop and SANS 241 Potability Testing of Various Types of Water.

Analysis of Solis for Contaminated Land Assessments.

Specialised Microbiological Analyses – Microscopy, Swabs and Hygiene Analyses.

Sampling and Sample Collection Services.

Research and Development

Water Clean Safe Sanitation healthy drink sufficient Treatment Test